ArchiCAD 17 | Single License

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ArchiCAD 17 | Single License includes:

  • ArchiCAD 17 (PC+Mac)
  • Energy Evaluation
  • BIMx (Virtual Building Explorer) 
  • Getting Started with ArchiCAD 17 Book
  • GRAPHISOFT Collaboration Guide
  • CodeMeter hardware key
  • Annual subscription
  • Certificate of authenticity

ArchiCAD 17 — BIM Lives in the Details

ArchiCAD 17 offers the best BIM-based documentation workflow available on the market today. It simplifies the modeling and documentation of buildings even when the model contains a high level of detail. ArchiCAD’s end-to-end BIM workflow allows the model to stay live until the very end of the project.

  Priority Based Connections

Priority Based Connections

  Intelligent Building Materials

Intelligent Building Materials

  Floorplan based 3D Documents

Floorplan based 3D Documents

 Designed by Idis Turato

Designed by Idis Turato

Working with ArchiCAD, you will discover the pleasures and the benefits of designing in a 3D architectural environment with extraordinary design freedom. Based on a profound knowledge of the architectural process, ArchiCAD’s Building Information Model simulates the way a real building is constructed. From town planning to intricate details, from functional studies to complex designs, ArchiCAD’s specialized tools are always available and extremely easy-to-use, ensuring that there are no boundaries to your creativity. With ArchiCAD, you create a 3D Building Information Model — all the necessary documentation and images are created automatically. The project comes to life and evolves on the screen simultaneously with your thoughts, allowing you to concentrate on your strength — creating inspiring designs. Building Information Modeling is a natural and intuitive process that is both inspiring and enjoyable. With the clarity of 3D, your clients will truly appreciate good design.

Priorty Based Connections

ArchiCAD 17’s brand new Priority Based Connections put a real ROI on the work invested in the creation of the Building Information Model, by automatically providing construction documentation level sections and details. ArchiCAD users can develop structurally correct details and simplify the modeling and documentation of buildings, even when the design contains an unprecedented level of detail. ArchiCAD’s end-to-end BIM workflow allows the model to stay live until the very end of the project, saving considerable time at the construction documentation phase.


Intelligent Building Materials

The appropriate and consistent use of building materials is crucial not only when developing the final construction documentation sets, but also when creating building energy analysis reports. New, intelligent building materials ensure correct graphical representation of materials in sections (cut fills), element surfaces in 3D views, and thermal properties throughout the building energy evaluations. Cut fill pen colors can be globally defined and applied to any ArchiCAD construction element in the project. This not only simplifies the user interface, but also allows the same material to be used consistently throughout the design project.


Floorplan based 3D Documents

With a single click, create a 3D Document based on the Floor Plan: a section view, based on a horizontal cutting plane in the Floor Plan window. This type of 3D Document shows the cut part of the model, including sections of vertical structures (e.g. walls, openings). Interface and settings are based on the 3D Document.


All-Round 3D Workflows

  Improved MORPH Tool

Improved MORPH Tool

  Real-time 3D Cutting Planes

Real-time 3D Cutting Planes

  Element Association to Story Heights

Element Association to Story Heights

  BIMx in every ArchiCAD 17

BIMx in every ArchiCAD 17

 Designed by Orcutt | Winslow,    Photo © Shaun Kurry

Designed by Orcutt | Winslow, Photo © Shaun Kurry

ArchiCAD 17 delivers a wide array of 3D design and editing improvements, including an improved MORPH® Tool to support conceptual design with useful zoning information and real-time 3D Cutting Planes for additional control over ArchiCAD’s 3D modeling environment. A fully-functional BIMx included in every installation lets users share BIM projects with their clients in an interactive environment.

ArchiCAD allows architects to freely explore design ideas without compromising on documentation precision and quality. With ArchiCAD, you can model and shape freely, easily creating the forms you want and change even complex elements in the most appropriate view. ArchiCAD enables you to combine creative freedom with the well-known efficiency of its robust Building Information Model. A comprehensive set of tools supports the creative process within the context of the project. ArchiCAD 17 enhances its direct modeling capabilities in the native BIM environment with its end-to-end BIM workflow using Priority Based Connections and Intelligent Building Materials, and an improved MORPH™ tool. Cloud-integration helps users create and find the custom objects and components they need to make their BIM models complete. GRAPHISOFT continues to innovate in “green” as well, uniquely offering the best workflow for sustainable design, integrated into its BIM authoring tool.

Improved MORPH Tool

The MORPH Tool enables designers to create custom objects, components, and structures with extraordinary modeling flexibility in the native ArchiCAD BIM environment. The MORPH tool provides an optimal solution for creating custom BIM components, custom structures, and custom elements for the built environment and building interiors. Any geometry can be created in an intuitive, graphical way, featuring popular modeling techniques such as push & pull. ArchiCAD 17 introduces new Morph scheduling features supporting conceptual design and mass modeling. Architects can list the volume and surface area of single Morphs separately by story. This data provides valuable input at the conceptual stage about the useful area of the planned project.


Element Association to Story Heights

Automated cross-linking of construction elements may easily result in an ambiguous building project. ArchiCAD 17 enables designers to link certain building elements to stories in an architecturally sound manner. The height of walls, columns and zones can be linked to a particular story in the project: when the story position changes, the heights of the linked elements will automatically be adjusted. This way, if the story height changes, the height of all linked elements will also be updated automatically. Architects will still have the option to assign fixed heights to elements, and to define the base elevation height to a given reference level. This ensures that designers will stay in full control of their project.

 Sede Usiminas | Designed by Farkasvolgyi Arquitetura

Sede Usiminas | Designed by Farkasvolgyi Arquitetura

Core Based Wall Reference Lines


Slab Reference Levels

 Nautical Museum | Designed by Nikola Rubic

Nautical Museum | Designed by Nikola Rubic

Curved Beams


Real-time 3D Cutting Planes

Architects can define 3D cutaway sections of the model graphically in the 3D window, using one or more cutting planes in any location. This greatly improves not only the 3D editing processes, but also the visualization of large complex models, displaying only relevant parts of the building in 3D view. Improved Door and Window placement involves a new intuitive feedback when placing a new opening into a Wall. Ghost previews of the options helps designers to precisely define the opening location, anchor point, reveal side, and opening direction of these elements.


Library Enhancements


Google Earth and Google SketchUp Connection


BIMx in every ArchiCAD 17 Installation

GRAPHISOFT BIMx is an innovative, interactive, BIM communication tool for architects. BIMx has set new standards for design communication and presentation in the AEC industry, turning desktop and laptop computers, iOS and Android tablets and smart phones into full-fledged building model explorers. The integrated online model sharing community on Facebook and the new, cloud-based Model Transfer site allow all stakeholders to upload, browse, and download interactive BIMx models from any part of the world. ArchiCAD 17 includes a fully-functional license for GRAPHISOFT BIMx and a professional account to the cloud-integrated model sharing service, enabling architects to explore, communicate, and share BIMx projects like never before.


Integrated BIM Workflows

GRAPHISOFT continues to be at the forefront of the Open BIM movement with its best-in-class interdisciplinary collaboration solutions for architects and engineers. With intelligent, model-based workflows between the various trades, coordination errors can be reduced to virtually zero before the construction phase begins. ArchiCAD 17 continues to offer a streamlined BIM workflow with various tools including the integration of, a fully-functional BIMx license, and an integration-ready platform for the brand new, LEED compliant EcoDesigner STAR™.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Open BIM have created unprecedented potential for design collaboration among architects and engineers. With intelligent, model-based workflows between the various trades, coordination errors have been reduced to virtually zero. ArchiCAD offers architects industry-first open design collaboration workflows with leading engineering solutions worldwide.

IFC Support for National Standards

Thanks to the standard requirements, new IFC data types are implemented in ArchiCAD: IFC System, IFC Time Series Schedule assignment, assignments with multilevel (‘sub’) hierarchy, special base quantities, editable IFC Type Product entities, Lining and Panel IFC properties of Windows and Doors, Space Containment relation between Zones and Morph elements, element assignment to IFC Site or IfcBuilding (Site context elements), currency and time unit export, and ‘calendar date’-type IFC properties. Of course, the upgraded data and feature implementations come with a new, user-friendly interface. In Publisher, IFC models with various content can be exported with just one click to other professions (for example, the load-bearing structure to the structural engineer, the entire model to the MEP engineer).


Best All-Round OPEN BIM™ Workflows

ArchiCAD 17 supports the major, international IFC standards (IFC 2x3 Model View Definitions) required by buildingSMART and other organizations: IFC 2x3 Coordination View (1.0 and 2.0), Coordination View (Surface Geometry), Basic FM Handover View (required for COBie documentation), and Concept Design BIM 2010 (required by GSA in US, Statsbygg in Norway, and Senate Properties in Finland). Support for these standards, and our open interface to BIM component providers (such as BIMobject®), make ArchiCAD 17 the best Open BIM for architects.


BIMobject® Partnership introduced a fundamentally new and simple way to directly provide users with thousands of building components for use in their ArchiCAD projects.

A partnership with BIMobject® enables ArchiCAD users to access more than a thousand real, up-to-date, manufacturer specific building components directly on the portal. The new BIMobject® add-on for ArchiCAD makes the conversation between users and manufacturers smooth and easy. Designers can now benefit from the broadest range of intelligent BIM components for their designs.


Open Design Collaboration

Incorporate ArchiCAD’s collaboration capabilities in your workflow. Share 3D models and 2D drawings. Work seamlessly with your structural, MEP and other consultants, visualization artists or fellow architects regardless of the software they use.


BIM-integrated Sustainable Design


BIM-integrated Sustainable Design ArchiCAD’s improved Energy Evaluation engine supports multiple thermal blocks. This allows users to evaluate their designs with standard compliant technology and makes ArchiCAD the “greenest” BIM solution available on the market today.

 Designed by Helen & Hard Architects,    Photo © Emile Ashley

Designed by Helen & Hard Architects, Photo © Emile Ashley

In today’s environment, sustainability is an imperative for all building projects, and the main decisions influencing a building’s sustainability features are made by architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to innovate in “green”, offering the best workflow for sustainable design integrated in its BIM authoring tool.

Building Energy Evaluation

The built-in energy evaluation functionality of ArchiCAD uses StruSoft’s VIPcore calculation engines. ArchiCAD 17 enables architects to perform improved energy evaluation based on standard-compliant technology, supporting multiple thermal blocks. As a result, designers can perform dynamic and accurate energy calculations, starting at the early design stages. The calculation input data and the evaluation results can be shared in various formats including PDF, XLS and IFC.


Best-in-Class BIM Performance

To dramatically boost performance on large complex models and further enhance your BIM productivity, ArchiCAD features industry-first background processing support, optimized scaling of multiple-core CPUs.

ArchiCAD 17 runs on both Microsoft Windows(R) and Apple OS X(R) 64-bit operating systems. Enhancing overall performance with improvements to computing speed and power come from GRAPHISOFT’s commitment to expanding the possibilities available to the architect. Background Processing Support, Optimized Scaling of Multiple-core CPUs, and Improved Central Graphics Unit Performance greatly help the performance, navigation and display of extra-large, complex models. Designers will also benefit from faster navigation with OpenGL, improved Solid Elements Operations and faster handling – loading and display – of library parts.

Background Processing Support

To further enhance productivity, ArchiCAD 17 takes the next step in multi-core processing: industry-first background processing supports the creation and manipulation of large, complex models and faster generation of complex model details.


Optimized Scaling of Multiple-core CPUs

Optimized Scaling of Multiple-core CPUs boosts performance on large complex models.


Improved Central Graphics Unit Performance

ArchiCAD 17 features Improved Central Graphics Unit Performance to make 3D navigation in OpenGL mode even smoother when working with extra-large models.


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