AxisVM 10

Price: from €450.00

VAT. not included

AxisVM ® is a modern program based on the finite element method, for Engineers.

AxisVM 10 offers a product line suited to different needs and practices. Se below a Configurations for Professional Version & Small Business Version

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VAT. not included

  • PROFESSIONAL VERSION has no limits for nodes, elements, loads, load cases, or mode shapes.
  • SMALL BUSINESS VERSION has the  following limits: 250 beam or 500 truss, 1500 Ribs (Edges), 2000 surfaces (membrane+plate+shell); 99 load cases; 99 mode shapes.
  •  ○ Only for Nonlinear Analysis

    ○ Only for Nonlinear Analysis

    AxisVM offers a Free version that does not require any registration.  This license include all of the preprocessor, analysis and results features only limited by the size and composition of the model. Design modules are not included in this Free version.

    This is an ideal way to review the overall AxisVM software, and is useful for students to create 3D models, assign structural members, add loads and conditions and find the results.

    The Free version allows models and analysis of 40 Beam, Rib or Truss elements, 400 surfaces, 20 Load Cases, and 10 Mode Shapes.  Design modules are not included.

    You are welcome to download here.

    AxisVM ® is a modern program based on the finite element method, for Engineers. Static and dynamic analysis of two-dimensional structures of the three-dimensional and is made by both calculation methods linear and nonlinear. The program models the structure within the plane / space truss plane / space beams in the elastic plane stress state washers / deformities, flat slabs, ribbed slabs, tiles in the elastic and thin curved plate structure. In modeling the structure of finite elements can be used in an unlimited and free combinations (eg mixed structures within and diaphragms).


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