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BIMx works with two types of views: shaded Open-GL (only ray-tracing) and with Global Illumination (ray-tracing+radiosity)

BIMx - Shaded Open-GL (Raytracing) 3D Presentation:
Price: €290.00

BIMx - Shaded Open-GL with Global Illumination (Raytracing+Radiosity) 3D Presentation:
Price: €450.00

VAT. not included

GRAPHISOFT BIMx is an innovative, interactive, BIM communication tool for architects setting new standards for design communication and presentation in the AEC industry.

What is BIMx?

Watch this short video clip to find out more about GRAPHISOFT BIMx, and explore the benefits that BIMx provides for architects and their clients:


Using GRAPHISOFT BIMx and GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, architects and designers can explore their project designs in a 3D environment that supports real-time 3D navigation using familiar navigation techniques. Explore design concepts and alternatives during this unique walkthrough experience in a professionally rendered 3D navigation environment. The easy-to-use, familiar 3D navigation interface is similar to those used in computer games.


Use the intelligent BIM model incorporated into each BIMx project to show all types of BIM element information and accurate measurements within the interactive 3D environment. Switch on-off layers to see beyond the surface or to show different parts of your project. Experience the masses and spaces of the design project; feel the relationship between the different volumes and rooms; and understand the architectural design concept in a new and distinctive way.


Share your architectural project with virtually anyone. Create an interactive, 3D presentation package at any stage of the design and send it to stakeholders as an executable file for Mac or Windows desktop computers or for iOS and Android devices viewable with a free, downloadable viewer. View and share your project on the BIMx Community Portal or Model Transfer Site available for users with an SSA contract. Clients will experience a professional, 3D project presentation and a real-time interactive exploration of the architectural design.

This price is only available for ArchiCAD 16 | Single License and ArchiCAD 16 | Multiple License customers with a current archiEDU service agreement.

What do the Developers say about BIMx?

Ever wonder who the people are behind such great products? What motivates them? Why and how they do what they do, and what challenges they face? This video is a sneak peek into the developers' world.


GRAPHISOFT BIMx provides you a natural, game-like experience to explore 3D architectural projects. This video will walk you through the navigation basics of GRAPHISOFT BIMx on an Apple iPad or iPhone.


Watch the recording of the live BIMx online seminar to hear Steve Bell discuss how Archiform 3D leveraged the power of GRAPHISOFT BIMx in creating, rendering and animating the Porsche Design Tower. Learn about GRAPHISOFT “cloud” solutions and the advantage BIMx gives to designers and clients. See a live demonstration presenting this innovative building in ArchiCAD 16, creating the BIMx project, and presenting it on a tablet device.

img-bimxios (1).png

GRAPHISOFT BIMx for Mobile Devices

GRAPHISOFT BIMx is an innovative, interactive, BIM communication tool for architects setting new standards for design communication and presentation in the AEC industry. The integrated online model sharing community on Facebook, and the new, cloud-based Model Transfer site offered to BIMx users with an active ArchiCAD Software Service Agreement (SSA) allow all stakeholders to upload, browse, and download interactive BIMx models from any part of the world to Windows, Macintosh, iOS and Android platforms.

Download BIMx Viewer for iOS from the AppStore

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BIMx Workflow Scenarios

The following three workflow scenarios present real-life examples between architects, engineers and their clients. Watch these video clips to find out more about typical design and collaboration scenarios regarding:

Sharing the initial design concept

In this scenario the architect shares the initial design concept with the property developer. Using GRAPHISOFT BIMx they are able to navigate through great quality models and share ideas about the proposal back and forth seamlessly using a smart phone.

Communication with the structural engineer

The architect shares the load-bearing elements of the model with the structural engineer who uses his desktop BIMx viewer available free for downloading to check the initial building design for any conflicts or possible collisions. The engineer is able to retrieve useful information and dimensions from the BIMx model. The model is shared securely through GRAPHISOFTs BIMx Premium cloud based service.

Property Sales and Development

In this scenario the interior designer sends a proposal design for one of the sample apartments to the real estate agent. The agent can use a mobile tablet on-site to show future clients around the interior spaces and provide an overall idea of possible future use. The model is made public on the BIMx Community portal so that the building is marketed to an even greater audience of possible clients.

Note: The Porsche Design Tower project - presented in the workflow scenarios - was provided by Steve Bell CEO and founder of Archiform3D. Please note that the interior design, furnishing and layout of the apartments presented in these video clips are for demonstrational purposes only. The developer of this building requested that the final design created by Archiform3D not be presented, as those are to be kept exclusive to buyers for the time being.

BIMx Model Transfer Site

The BIMx Model Transfer Service is a brand new “cloud-service” offered to BIMx users with an active ArchiCAD Software Services Agreement. Users are entitled to 1 GB free cloud storage space with each commercial BIMx license they own. For more security, you can also protect your files with passwords.

Read more about how to register, upload and manage your models on the BIMx Model Transfer site on ArchiCADWiki.

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