REVIT Architecture Trajnimi


Moduli: 3D MODELIMI & Prezantimi

Niveli: Themelor
Versioni: Autodesk REVIT 2018
Numri i orëve: 24h + 6h praktikë
Kushtet paraprake: Njohuri themelore për Windows

Instruktor: Amir Zejnullahu

Çmimi: 200€ 

Çmimi*: 160€

*(për studenta)



1st week

  1. Introduction, Projects presentations, schedule updates
  2. Introduction to Revit, toolbar, project browser, properties, possibilities, options of ways to use Revit for presenting projects, a short introduction to all, elements that make Revit be REVIT.
  3. Wall types and parameters, curtain walls, attach and detach the top/base, grids and mullions, massing as an option. (tips and examples)


2nd week.

  1. Floors- floors by sketch, and pick walls. Sloped floors, using floors in site modelling or other elements to fulfill a specific design requirements. Roofs- by sketch or other ways how to create one. (tips and examples)
  2. Stairs by sketch, component, massing, floors; Multistory stair; Railings- standard, massing, walls. (tips and examples)
  3. Adding families, modifying families. (tips and examples)


3rd week

  1. Schematic design, importing 2D image, dwg files and editing, scale, Revit files. (tips and examples)
  2. Rooms, room tags, room boundaries, deleting rooms; Sections; Elevations. (tips and examples)
  3. Materials, visualization, define a material, graphic display options; Presentation of elevation view, 3d view, exploded axonometry. (tips and examples).


4th week

  1. Details and annotations, Detail line, region, dimensions, tags, text. (tips and examples)
  2. Drawing sets, plan views on a sheet, crop regions, printing. (tips and examples)
  3. Conceptual massing and design, importing on working sheets. (tips and examples)


5th week (practice)

Student’s choice

Requirements for Certification:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations
  • 3D perspectives
  • 3D axonometric illustrations
  • Details (optional)