BIMx 16


BIMx 16

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GRAPHISOFT BIMx is an innovative, interactive, BIM communication tool for architects setting new standards for design communication and presentation in the AEC industry.

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BIM Explorer (BIMx) allows ArchiCAD users to present their Virtual Building™ projects in self-running, cross platform (Windows/Mac), real-time navigation environments for clients, consultants and builders to explore the design without additional software.

A selection of graphical renderings is available to the user as well as the ultimate anaglyph (Real 3D) design exploration with gravity, layer control, fly-mode, egress recognition and pre-saved walkthrough options.

GRAPHISOFT BIMx for Mobile Devices


With the introduction of FREE apps for Android, Kindle Fire and iOS devices, Graphisoft have significantly extended the reach of BIM's benefits beyond building professionals to their clients -- the building owners.

This price is only available for ArchiCAD 16 Teamwork and ArchiCAD 16 Solo customers with a current archiEDU service agreement.