Artlantis Studio | Young Architect


Artlantis Studio | Young Architect


archiEDU is providing young architects entering the workforce a 30% price discount on Artlantis Studio 4.1. This offer is valid from the semester after you graduate, and extends to three years after your graduation.

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Young Architects Program Terms and Conditions

  • Students, who are registered and approved on the Graphisoft educational website,, are eligible one semester after their registration, which extends to three years after their graduation.
  • For students not approved on the Graphisoft educational website, this offer is valid for one year after graduation.
  • Where the license is purchased by the young architect's employer company, an additional young architect ("YA") statement is also required, whereby the "YA" gives up their single opportunity in favour of their employer company.
  • All eligible young architects have to prove their status by sending a copy of their degree, diploma or school attendance certificate.

  • archiEDU understands that beginning a career in architecture can be expensive and deciding on the first software can be a price-sensitive issue! We want to help new young passionate graduates enter the workplace freshly skilled in Artlantis Studio.
  • Once you have become an approved member of the Graphisoft student community, you are eligible to take advantage of the Young Architect Program.